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„Ate is love expressed in the form of touch.” Ajiit




The art of conscious touch
Ate is the bodywork method of the JIAIDO self-development system. Its main focus is to release emotional and mental blocks accumulated and stored in our body.

Here we always work in pairs. The practitioner learns a new way of relating and communicating with his own being and with the other by working on each others body.

It is a bodywork technique, but it is not a massage in its traditional sense, because the focus is only in 20 % on the treatment of physical symptoms.


Here in Ate giver and receiver both are active partcipant and in every case they need to generate an openminded, fresh and deep relation for the practice.

How does it work?

JIAIDO Ate done regularly changes the negative thought patterns of the practitioner; this is actually one of the main objectives of every JIAIDO technique.


Gradually, irreversibly thoughts, speech and action start to show a more pure quality by removing stuck memories and impressions from the system of the practitioner.


The focus of JIAIDO Ate is to enhance awareness; it brings the skill to all to experience a conscious, effortless and empty physical contact with another human being. It results in the release of emotional and mental blocks from the body, which are the barriers of our spiritual evolution; they are responsible for the feelings of separation and dissatisfaction in our life.

During our lifetime we go through certain intensive experiences that can be challenging to process and let go of. Those events with strong, shocking effect, which feel too painful to handle, get stored in our body as a memory.

These unconscious body memories are located mostly around the joints, inhibiting the free flow of life force energy (Ki) in our being.

When the life energy is blocked, the level of our consciousness automatically decreases which shows itself in the form of physical and even more often emotional and mental disturbances.

The challenges of life can be different for each one of us, - as we go through different experiences - , but the symptoms are the same: loneliness, feelings of separation, loss, insecurity, lack of trust.

JIAIDO Ate is working with the classical meridian channels and points, in a unique way.

By stimulating the meridian points around the joints, giving pressure to specific channels and areas or by stretching certain muscles Ki energy starts circulating freely in the system again.


As a result physical, mental and emotional blocks are released and the receiver enjoys an instant relaxation on all three levels of his being.

Principles of ATE

Empty touch

As we arrive to this world touch is our first defining experience. For a long time we perceive the environment, the selfless care and nurturing love around us by touch.


It is no wonder that touch remains a basic need for all of us for a lifetime. Yet, as we grow up we usually use touch only if we want to achieve something with it. This can be a sign of attraction, compassion, expression of dominance or any other kind of interest. It is also observed that the circle who we are willing

to touch or get touched by is generally limited to those who we know well and love.

Here in Ate touch shall be free from any concept, idea, discrimination and intention. We practice as givers not to be affected by knowing the partner, by his or her gender or age.


We do not want to heal, channel energy or fix the other during practice but to exercise complete presence, bodily discipline and mental silence during the contact between two bodies.

Conscious movement and breathing

Both giver and receiver are active during the practice, bodily and mentally present and aware. 

This is one of the main reasons why Ate is not a massage technique where normally receiver is allowed to be passive most of the time.


Participants need to follow the movement, the effect of touch; their breathing remains conscious and continuous in the meanwhile.

Intimacy, devotion and care


Real meeting between two beings can only happen by connecting from the heart, from dedication, from an open state.


Always remembering, the other one is nothing but the manifestation of the pure Self in another human form.

Connection, communication

We are all unique and different with certain health and bodily conditions, emotional, mental states. We respond to the same movement, pressure differently.

In Ate the naturally unfolding releasing process can be very sensitive or intensive by its nature, therefore 

communication about individual conditions before and during practice is very important.


To maintain a deep connectedness throughout the whole process is warmly recommended to be able to notice subtle responses of our partner and adjust the intensity accordingly.  

In JIAIDO Ate - similarly to Tai Sabaki -  there are eight katas (form practices), using diferent techniques and covering different areas of body with particular techniques. 

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