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The art of JIAIDO movement meditation is a holistic method working on all levels of human existence. 

The Art of Conscious Movement

JIAIDO is the art of personal and self-development, that works with awakening and increasing the energy of awareness. It creates an opportunity to establish a new relationship with our body, thoughts and emotions, and gradually leads us to discover our true nature, to realize the truth of our Being.

The method guides the body and mind into a state of stillness through a combination of guided exercises, focus, breathing and rhythms.

By movement meditation due to the combination of conscious movement and breathing we arrive from the world of our fast-moving thoughts to a focused, aware meditative state.

As JIAIDO is meditation in movement it is generally performed calmly and rather slowly. It is emphasized to complete one movement before moving into the next. During practice there are two essential elements at the same time: focus on the movement and focus on the breathing.

JIAIDO rendszeres órák.jpg

The Art of Conscious Touch

Ate is the bodywork method of the JIAIDO self-development system. Its main focus is to release emotional and mental blocks accumulated and stored in our body.

In JIAIDO Ate we always work in pairs. The practitioner learns a new way of relating and communicating with his own being and with the other by working on each others body.

Ate is a bodywork technique, but it is not a massage in its traditional sense, because the focus is only in 20 % on the treatment of physical symptoms.

The focus of JIAIDO Ate is to enhance awareness; it brings the skill to all to experience a conscious, effortless and empty physical contact with another human being. It results in the release of emotional and mental blocks from the body, which are responsible for the feelings of separation and dissatisfaction in our life and form the barriers of our spiritual evolution.

In Ate giver and receiver both are active partcipant and in every case they need to generate an openminded, fresh and deep relation for the practice.

jiaido ate bodywork - art of conscious touch.jpg

The Energy of Creativity

Creative expression is an essential part of our nature. 

It is important to understand, that creativity can manifest in every action not only in the form of art. There is a creative way for how to speak, how to move, solve a problem, create a working tool, how to dress up and organize our practical life.

Today this ability is even more in need than ever before. In our consumer society we are encouraged mostly to play the role of the consumer and user only. But if we do so, it makes us more and more passive to express our originality and keeps us away from the feeling of being awake, present and alive.


Therefore JIAIDO supports everyone to become a creator, an inventor in any - and ultimately in all - aspects of life. Through practice of JIAIDO we are able to tap into the creative source and become independent, confident and versatile.

JIAIDO breaks down the habitual patterns of the conditioned mind, takes you out from the head, from the intellect and brings you to the heart where creation becomes always fresh, original and alive.


For expressing freely we need to be able to stop the judgements, competitiveness, expectations and instead, tune into the part of our consciousness where inspiration and intuition is to be found.

In JIAIDO the particular creativity practices are based on the same principles of conscious movement, breathing and continuously maintained focus at the same time.

The goal of JIAIDO with conscious creative activities is to become more present in our daily lives, to be connected to our true being and in its absolute to Life.

Any act performed with this intention, - besides providing beauty and joy to all - serves a higher purpose, becomes a spiritual practice, a tool for inner transformation.

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